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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 10, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news." ♪ >> the iconic seventh street surf shop was ready for a huge a huge summer season. a huge fire engulfed the shop. >> you are doing rentals. >> got aboard. have never done this before. >> we found them on the property the st. patrick's old cathedral. came to the fence, greeted them. ♪ bill: "high speed chase." >> this video of a man
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walloping on a female employee. the video was allegedly shot wednesday. the female employee was trying to get to another ship. thrown out of the building by the manager. afterwards he returned. >> don't hit him. >> both employees have been fired. no charges have been filed. >> check out this explosion that took place on tuesday night. don't worry. all the worry. all the commotion. a part of the netflix series ♪
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>> you can show them how hard. bill: chasing a story about the legendary surf shop that lost everything to a fire. back in business. >> memorial day weekend. the iconic seventh street surf's up was ready for a huge summer season. and then a huge fire engulfed the shop. it did not burn. i i chased the story down to ocean city i could smell and intense burning char smell. taken are on back. a graveyard. i was taken inside. the bottom of the barbecue grill. they were broken they would not stop. stop. i got down the shop still boarded up. >> hoping we get open in august.
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the main thing is we are here doing lessons you're lessons here doing rentals. the whole thing the whole bunch of instructors little bit of everything going on. >> love it. bill: and it was time to serve. got aboard. the seventh street. >> i have never done this before. >> i am what you call a land mammal. died three times. that is a fact. i have a chaser. ♪ >> died in open water. >> dead serious. bill: is that what it shows? clicks that did not deter me. i got right back up and
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face planted again. ♪ clicks after some concentration and hard work i did it. >> stayed on the board a couple of times. definitely going to go back. >> it is is not falling defines you but getting back up. starting to understand. clicks how to deal most? >> cliff diving in the delaware river. >> not safe. >> i was in college. come on. >> in new york city. elizabeth mann mulberry
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found on the property of st. patrick's old cathedral. upstate new york and were sent to help. msgr. came up with the idea. low maintenance and have a crew trained to take care of them. the pressure also has looked after the sheep. >> one of the people that take care of them set i may be retiring. what should i do. maybe maybe we should get some sheep. >> been a huge it. people constantly people constantly walk up to check in. basically doing good. >> i was there.
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>> if you do not have time to see them they should be another opportuninity. >> right around. >> there is probably an agenda here. it's with the church does. it is symbolism. >> i was thinking rack of lamb clicks every time you see an animal you want to cook them. >> pablo the tilapia. >> they have a crane a crane lifting the cow. that was horrible. bill: i i cut the head off. bill: that is the best part. >> you can eat it all. look how cute. oh my gosh. teesix this is how they eat. this is how the.
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clicks monetary advantage. >> pages to the grass. the environmentalists months love them. >> pres. barack obama will had to philadelphia to attend the annual end of way. the only federally funded slave memorial avenging the ancestors. clicks it comes here. you guys acknowledge me personally. what's going on. we tell tell them what's going on. >> he and his group led the effort. the effort. the only site where freedom and slavery stand side-by-side. the the presidents house of freedom and slavery.
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visitors will also find this a multimillion dollar commemoration. >> and never been this kind of problem. anytime there problem. anytime there is a minor malfunction the authorities jump right on it. we have this problem here, all of a sudden it is no big deal. no one has any sense of urgency. >> and 2002 the court says the memorial never fully operated as planned. >> came up with this ingenious idea where here in philadelphia. the fact that you can't see and hear her story is extremely frustrating. >> increasing flaws led to the federal government taking control. committed to fixing the issue. >> we have taken short-term fixes.
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but those are really short-term fixes. we are looking for a long-term solution. depending on what the solution is. bill: the idea of having television outside. i get it if this were in a state where they have year-round nice weather. >> here is what happened. this is a contracted a firm to go and create an pointed out. they initially had these flatscreen tvs. once it was built it did not work out as you can see. but also take a look. the main attraction, what people come and see. there is not much else to do. they are not working. >> a house where the first president of the united states served with nine slaves. slaves. that is significant, and it
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should be federally funded. >> what was this money spent on? also as an example for more museums like this. if this this. if this isn't working properly what is the incentive? >> heard recording that the 1979 stevie king concert clicks nobody asked for it clicks it's been a long time bill: "high speed chase," start us off. >> this sketch right here. this sketch. >> what? >> this sketch. it's so hot in here right now. bill: us to the whole freaking thing.
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this right here is about sketch. >> we report the news. is not just about the story.añ
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bill: how about that.
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>> new jersey. as you might recall burn accident. she works part-time. now about three weeks later. the fundraising page dedicated. she is able to move it. hoping to remove them. of of course there is a fundraiser still ongoing. >> we previously told you about jason peter paul. tweeted.
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>> significant. significant. also tweeted even though pierre paul losses finger they expect him to play this season. >> it has been a long a long time since anyone has done this. >> are we ready? >> listen to this. right? >> well you are listening, heard recording my 1979 stevie 1979 stevie king concert in russia. the soviet union behind the iron curtain.
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it was lost for 36 years. welcome i got a chance to go hear them being rendered for the first time. adjust its of the to the lower east side a legendary recording studio. he was hired back in 1979 to produce a live concert album. >> a great picture clicks i sent you that picture. >> nobody has room. they on some question could not thinking. >> i was looking for this through over a decade. i thought was lost. >> all of a sudden his wife came up to him and handed him these cassette tapes.
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get in here. let's render let's render these. bill: recorded to a two track cassette. >> sounds like dragging a cat over a carpet. they have no idea. one of the first problems -- >> behind the iron curtain. curtain. they did not have fancy multitrack machines clicks got this big tape player and had to render it into a digital version which they then sat me down and started mixing. magical. but he explained that this was revolutionary. he thought the boundaries going in. the audience to not know what he was doing. he loved to interact. >> they don't understand english. he announced the band but the audience
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doesn't always talking about because they don't speak english. >> this translator finally translates to the audience. the crowd goes wild. the concert series really influence the rest of his career. bill: he died in may, may 14 a big fight over his estate. famous musician that has money. what about these tapes? >> master recording of it. then he will talk with the family. the money will go to charity with the family can fight over it. either way the history howard wants it to be out there for everybody. ♪ >> a graveyard historic treasure in the secret garden. all inside the oldest am in queens clicks this is my mother.
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bill: doesn't creep you out? ♪ >> we are on the hunt for the jersey devil
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♪ clicks nailed it. it. ♪ >> all of my favorites no longer have coaster due tested due to a nationwide egg shortage. making egg a glass available and driving up prices. softserve ice cream. bill: that does not stop canadians. >> honestly, what honestly, what the hell is going on?
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i showed you a picture 5-foot black tip shark. today i put out a photo of the giant stingray those caught yesterday. stay out of the water. clicks we have my friends over here. i am not dead. the debt is paid. prepare for death. >> a graveyard historic treasure and a secret garden all inside as i take i take you inside the oldest home in queens. >> 1654, part of the house. >> marion duckworth the third owner of this 360 -year-old home. the first owner has not said
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he left check. >> emblazoned on the gate. 132 riker each year. >> you heard that right, the deceased are buried in the backyard. >> buried here, too. comes along and tries to undo my good work clicks the family name on the prominent family once on property all throughout new york city. the most famous land is right across the bowery bay. >> it took me three months carried out everything that was stored in the attic want to read to read everything every ledger every book every correspondence. i read down through the years. people passed away. i read all the names and
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realize they are all buried in my cemetery. quick creepy to live among the dead. as the fairytale clicks i met my husband on our second date he said, how would you like to see my cemetery. >> that was in 1979. four years later marion married michael smith and the two never questioned where they would live. what began next was a complete restoration project. >> there was a was a fire in the 1950s. we came across the remnants. originally i was upset. i realized i realized as part of the history of the house. her collection. >> but it was not just about preserving the home but marking her history as well. >> my mother brother and
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michael. >> but could not believe that without asking one last question. >> doesn't this creep you out? >> i love it so much. >> there you have it the oldest dwelling in new york city in the most interesting home i have ever i have ever seen. you can take a stroll. tweet your thoughts and tweet me. bill: and innocent stalker clicks now we have new clues bill: stalker a woman? >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist, scott williams. several wind damage reports coming in from across the area especially west of philadelphia. winds were gusting over 60 miles per hour but thankfully you can rest easy for the overnight and also for your friday. not as humid. a pretty nice day. mixture of sun and clouds, a
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high of 86. we'll update this at
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